The Greatest Myths of Tax Depreciation!

As with any activity that produces an income, there are various tax deductions that are available to property investors. The property tax deduction recognises the fact that the building itself, as well as its plants and equipment, will wear out over time and will eventually need to be replaced. (Plants and equipment refer to items […]

What Are the Benefits of Tax Depreciation?

The importance of claiming legitimate tax deductions such as depreciation has been highlighted by new ABS figures which show that governments throughout Australia collected more than $1 billion in taxes every day during the June 2014 quarter. This high level of taxation is revealed in the latest Government Finance Statistics that show that all levels […]

5 Ways To Get More Tax Back from Your Investment Property

A new financial year is here and with it, property investors will be readying themselves to visit their Accountant to complete their annual income tax return. With the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) encouraging property investors to be vigilant with their claims, it is important to seek expert advice on the deductions available. A large percentage […]